Joel Nattrass

Joel is a partner at TBSM and has been with the firm since 2010. He provides Treasury consulting to TBSM’s clients and helps them manage all aspects of their treasury including liquidity, interest rate risk, and FX exposure. He has helped FIs build daily processes around many issues that are common to bank treasuries. This includes daily risk measurement, management, and reporting. He has helped build hedging programs around multiple asset classes including deposits, loans, and commitment pipelines, along with the associated hedge accounting. Joel has automated many different regulatory reports to reduce the reliance on manual spreadsheet work. He has also implemented FTP and ROE measurement frameworks at multiple FIs.

Joel brings expertise in both software engineering and the financial services industry. Prior to joining TBSM, he led a team of developers at a software products firm and has experience at a regional financial institution. Joel holds a BSc in computer science and an MBA in finance, both from the University of Alberta.