ATB Financial
Mr. Aly Sumar, Senior Vice-President and Treasurer, ATB Financial

TBSM has been a great partner for us. We utilize their expertise in helping us in turning data from various sources into key insights that we rely upon not only to meet our regulatory requirements for Treasury management, but also to assist in improving the efficiency of our portfolios.
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Community Trust
Michael E. Favelyukis, Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, Community Trust

Doug, Joel and their entire team have become an integral part of our Treasury team. They are not consultants; they are passionate treasury professionals that prioritize our interests and needs over their own. With a wealth of knowledge, they have supported the development of our daily and monthly reporting for management and regulatory purposes, our interest rate hedging program, and funds transfer pricing methodology, to name but a few.
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Element Fleet Management
Karen Martin, EVP and Treasurer, Element Fleet Management

Element Fleet Management initially engaged TBSM to assist in the measurement and management of its interest rate and liquidity risks derived from Element’s multi-national fleet leasing businesses. As our relationship has deepened we now rely on them as much for their excellent management reporting that is a natural extension of their ability to measure and allocate exposures across our various risks across programs.
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First Nations Bank of Canada
Ms. Cheryl Foster, Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer, First Nations Bank of Canada

TBSM Inc. has been providing First Nations Bank of Canada with superior treasury and balance sheet management analysis and advice for over 10 years. They are an integral part of our monthly Asset and Liability Committee meetings that ensure our interest rate risk and liquidity risk is well managed and within policy.
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FirstOntario Credit Union
John Doran, Senior Vice President, Treasury FirstOntario Credit Union

Since 2018, TBSM has provided software integration solutions with a full suite of interest rate risk, liquidity risk and management reporting for FirstOntario Credit Union. TBSM has reduced our level of excel spreadsheet work by more than 80%, provided a greatly enhanced set of reporting to understand our risk profile and business activities, and helped us significantly increased the timeliness of reporting.
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General Bank of Canada
Mr. J.G. (Gord) Mooney, President, General Bank of Canada

Working with TBSM has been nothing short of transformational for our business. Doug and his expert team helped us to better understand the structure of our interest rate risk, built a liquidity monitoring and stress testing tool, and provided deep insights into the profitability metrics of our various loan programs.
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Peoples Group
Mr. Salim Hemani, Vice-President Group Treasury and Capital Markets, Peoples Group

My experience in working with TBSM has been very positive. Since the summer of 2018 when the relationship began, TBSM’s senior leadership spent significant time upfront to understand our various products/businesses, our processes and our systems. With that knowledge, they were able to create a seamless IT plan which allowed them to access our data from different systems and produce key interest rate and liquidity positions on a daily basis in a very short period of time.
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