Treasury and Balance Sheet Management Inc. (TBSM) is a Canadian consulting firm focusing on providing Treasury and Finance consulting to Canadian financial institutions including banks, trust companies, credit unions, private lenders and leasing companies.

Since 2003, TBSM has provided consulting and software services to numerous financial institutions within Canada and abroad. Key areas of expertise include: treasury and risk management strategy, liquidity risk measurement and management, interest rate risk measurement and management, financial engineering, funds transfer pricing, marginal ROE analysis and hedge effectiveness.  TBSM creates process around daily financial activity to deliver leading edge solutions in a timely and relevant manner.

If it’s worth measuring monthly, it’s worth measuring daily.

TBSM utilizes its own software tools to create required outputs for its clients.  The underlying motivation in utilizing its own software, unlike other consulting alternatives, is that TBSM can mathematically defend and demonstrate every underlying assumption and calculation.  Other providers utilize third party software and the granularity and flexibility is diminished by this distance.  TBSM’s software library represents 100% of the valuation tools employed by TBSM.  This means that every question pertaining to methodology can be addressed first hand as all architecture resides at TBSM.  TBSM recognizes the importance of this function and commissions third party validation from a reputable third party to confirm the results from the TBSM valuation engines.

TBSM has decades of experience in the utilization of financial mathematics in the application to relevant banking questions addressed everyday.  The value proposition is that by having a complete understanding of the underlying mathematics coupled with industry leading knowledge in application and scope, is that TBSM has the ability to deliver leading edge solutions and strategy to its clientele.



TBSM has many years of practical Treasury and Financial experience to draw upon to assess reasonableness and pertinence of application to many business problems.


TBSM produces monthly prepayment reports, cash-out reports, rate drop analysis and discharge rates to document and justify current and future treasury assumptions.


TBSM performs continual modelling and validation on key banking risks. Our infrastructure continually measures prepayment behaviour in loan books, cashout behaviour in cashable deposits, profiles for non-maturity deposits, mortgage commitment pipeline behaviour into rate-drops and fallout.